Tip 1 - Organise your Game

Work out what type of game you want to play – T20, time limited, test match, one dayer, French cricket or even a virtual game. Where are you going to play it? The backyard, the beach, the park, in your office hallway or car park, on the street (careful!!) or at your mate’s place. What rules are you going to play? Two overs per batting pair, bat in goggles, bat with your opposite hand, shirts v skins, one handed catch off the clothes line – you get the idea!

Tip 2 - Invite your mates

Most important – invite your friends, teammates, work mates and family to join in your game as a player or sponsor. Share your online personalised fundraising page through social media – make sure your mates know that you’re raising funds for kids with cancer. If your game needs extra players and donors, contact your local media and tell them about your event.

Tip 3 - Ask your boss to get involved

BGOC is a great way to bolster workplace morale. See if your boss will let you have a game and BBQ on company time! Create a personalised site for your company and encourage your workmates and customers to play or donate. If your employer has multiple offices/sites/stores, encourage competition between each to see who can raise the most amount of money. Ask your employer to match any funds raised with a donation.


Tip 1 - Have a BBQ

A BBQ is a great way to a) get people to an event, and b) get some money out of their pockets to support the cause. Ask your local butcher if they will donate or discount meat supplies in return for some good ‘word of mouth’ promotion (and good karma)! Think about ways you can bundle up a snag and a drink with a game entry fee – maybe $20 to play and eat – bargain! Make sure you have plenty of water and sunscreen.

Tip 2 - Fun ways to raise funds

Hold a fun raffle with some silly prizes – nothing too big or you’ll need a permit! Run some old fashioned ‘side events’ with small entry fees to encourage participation – three legged race, funniest hat, thong throwing competition, egg and spoon race, bobbing for apples, Twister!! Have a tin for loose change – rattle it every now and again to remind people why they are there.

Tip 3 - Share your day

Take plenty of pics – there’s bound to be some funny moments that you want your mates to live over and over again.

Share your pics on BGOC’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram sites as well as your own social media sites. Text the link to the BGOC website to your mates who couldn’t make it and remind them they can still donate to your game.